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IPCOSWhitehouse Consulting
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In an IE browser window, select Tools > Internet Options and select the Security tab. To see the security level, select the Internet zone. If the slider is set to High security level, then see opposite.

You can set-up APC-network.com as a trusted site. To do this for Internet Explorer:
1- select Tools > Internet Options
2- Select the Security tab.
3- Select the Trusted Site zone.
4- Click the Sites… button
5- Enter " *.APC-network.com" as the zone to be added.
6- Make certain the box is not checked for "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone."
7- Click the Add button.
8- Click the OK button.
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Is you Internet security software passing on the referrer information? For the users of Internet security software such as Norton Internet Security (NIS), the referrer information is not passed on by default. Referrer information is information that a Web site/page sends to another Web site/page when you click on a link on the first Web site to open the second Web site. This problem is actually documented by Symantec service site (click here to see the full instructions from Symantec)
1 -Open NIS or NPF.
2 -Click Options.
3 -Click Internet Security or Personal Firewall. (This step is not always needed.)
4 -Click Advanced Options.
5 -Click the Web tab. Add a new Web site:
6 -Click Add Site. A new site/domain box appears.
7 -Enter www.APC-network.com and click OK. That site name appears in the left frame of the Advanced Options window.
Configure the new Web site:
8 -Click on www.APC-network.com
9 -Click the Privacy tab.
10-Check the "Use these rules for..." box.
11- Change the Referrer from "Block" to "Permit." Your screen should look something like this.
12-Click Apply, and then click OK.
13-Click OK to close the Options window
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