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About Us

It is our pleasure to introduce the members of the APC-network.com team who have been and are instrumental in the design, development and the upkeep of the site. The team brings many years of experience in the field of advanced process control from both consulting and manufacturing sides. We hope that this combination and the feedback we received from control engineers in refineries and petrochemical complexes during the development of this site has addressed the needs of the APC practitioners.
We welcome any comments, feedback and contributions to make the site as useful as possible for all the users. Please put your views and contributions forward by contacting the site and I will make sure that it will receive our full attention.

Thank you.

APC-network.com Team
Babak Khosrowshahi  
Babak Khosrowshahi is the founder of APC-network.com. He has worked in the areas of advanced process control, on-line optimisation , inferential control and process safety for over 20 years. Babak consulted on TOTAL and Shell projects on Process and Control Systems, ESD, Fire and Gas, Alarm Management and plant information systems at M.W.Kellogg in London. At UOP, he was responsble for developing and supporting APC and on-line Optimisation applications for UOP's licensed process units in the EMEA region. At ABB Simcon, he led advanced process control and On-line optimisation projects for several ethylene plants, aromatics and refining process units. He graduated from Cardiff University, Wales in Mechanical Engineering and Energy Studies in 1981 and was awarded a masters and a PhD degree in control systems by the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (U.M.I.S.T) in England, UK.
Y.Zak Friedman

Zak Friedman is APC-network.com's technical consultant. Zak is an inferential modelling expert and developer of the well known crude switch technology. He has pursued research in the area of using process models for real-time closed loop control and optimization of refinery units, and in standardization of control technology. His experience spans 30 years in the refinery industry, working for such employers as Exxon Research and Engineering and KBC Advanced Technology. Dr. Friedman holds a BS degree from the Israel Institute of Technology and a PhD degree from Purdue University.






Lynne McGregor  

Lynne McGregor is APC-network.com's consultant for marketing, sales and business development. She has worked for a number of major vendors of APC and related advanced automation products, including Aspen Technology, Gensym and ABB. At AspenTech, she was the Director of Business Support for Northern Europe, supplying business and technical sales support for all of Aspen Technology's advanced control, simulation, optimization, data historian and supply chain products. With Gensym, she was a senior Business Consultant providing advice and sales support for expert system and neural net applications within the Chemical, Oil and Gas industries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). With ABB, Lynne developed applications for polymer model-based advanced control using dynamic simulation tools developed jointly by ABB and PSE, Process Systems Enterprise. Lynne has a first class Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada and a MBA from the London Business School.

Ed Dilley  
Edward Dilley is APC-network.com's technical consultant. Ed is a chartered Chemical Engineer with over 30 years' experience in the oil, petrochemical, polymer and food industries. He worked for Gulf Oil refinery in Wales for 19 years as a senior process control engineer where he was responsible for the implementation and maintenance of advanced controls. Ed specialises in refinery alarms management and was responsible for developing alarms policy following the Gulf ‘Paraglider' incident. Ed was awarded a BSc (Hons) degree in Chemical Engineering by the University of Swansea in Wales in 1971.
Julie McDowell  
Julie McDowell is APC-network.com's administrator. Julie has a degree in Spanish and is a qualified accounts clerk. Julie also manages the help desk duties.  

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