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Advanced Process Control for the Refining and Petrochemical Industry
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Computer Applications

The information required to help you make informed decisions on a range of Computer Application (CA) products is made available. This could be installing a CA for the first time, upgrading to the most recent technology, or achieving and maintaining the best performance from your existing CA. The information is provided in various forms. This ranges from publications and typical examples to actual installations and experiences reported by the practitioners in the filed. But making the best use of the capabilities of the internet, which is its interactive nature, a great deal of knowledge can be transferred between the users and the experts through forums, technical chats and questions and answers provided for your benefit. The range of technology covered on this site is:

Abnormal Condition Monitoring Management information system
Advanced regulatory control Multivariable predictive control
APC Consulting Services Multivariable Control Tools
Application connectivity Neural networks
Batch Operator Interface
Blending PID Tuning
Business Performance Monitoring Planning
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Process performance monitoring
Control loop performance monitoring Process simulators
Control System Design Real time database
Controller Simulation Real time optimisation
Data mining Scheduling
DCS link Security
Dynamic Simulator Supply chain management
Environment Monitoring Statistical process control
Expert systems Tank farm management
Fuzzy logic Training Tools
Inferential control Web Access
CA Background Provides the users with background knowledge of the technology and its applications in the refining and petrochemical industry.
CA Products A comprehensive list of the CA products on the market is supplied for your information and comparison. Subscribe to the site on-line and you will have instant access to this feature.
CA Applications Database A database containing information on installed CA applications, which illustrates the experiences of the users with the CA products around the world. Technical details of the applications are outlined in the accompanying technical papers or the web links. Subscribe to the site on-line and you will have instant access to this feature.
Manage Applications Maintain a record of APC applications installed at your site with a single user subscription in a secure environment. A multi-user subscription enables you to keep track of the APC applications installed and maintained by each engineer at the plant. Companies with multiple locations will gain access to the information on the installed APC applications at each site through the internet.  Subscription to "Manage Applications" is a two-step process; first, you subscribe to the site on-line, by fax order or bank transfer in the normal way. The second step involves verification of your details by us, to ensure that the person subscribing actually represents the manufacturing company. This is to protect your company's data and to make sure that only you have write access to this part of the database.  Companies that do not want to reveal their name and location to other users are allowed to do so by ticking the appropriate boxes for each application.
APC Forum Forum covering topics related to CA. Participate in the forum by posting a question or provide your peers with your opinions on a topic. Or just follow the questions and responses to see if it answers your question in a particular area. Register for free and gain instant access to this feature.
APC Training Details of CA specific training and training software around the world.
APC Solutions Process details, control objectives, control strategies, typical controller designs, analysers for control and economic benefits are provided for major process units in the refineries and petrochemical plants. This section also includes the Web-based PID Tuning Tool which is a field-proven and simple to use control engineer's tool developed by control engineers for control engineers in the process industry. The tool comes with guidelines on best practices for tuning level, flow, temperature, pressure and analysers.
Ask a question from the consultant A handy way of asking those pertinent APC questions from an experienced consultant. Register for free and gain instant access to this feature.
Consultant Q & A Look up the question and answer list to see if it also answers your question. Register for free and gain instant access to this feature.
APC Vendors A comprehensive list of CA software vendors. Information provided by the vendors on MVPC products, recent applications, product training, applications to process units, and product demonstrations.
APC Consultants A comprehensive list of the consultant who can help in the selection, design, implementation, commission, and maintenance of the CA products.
Application Vendors A comprehensive list of companies who have experience of installing CA around the world using third party software.
Related Vendors Find out about the products available to support the CA applications such as real time databases, communications links etc. from the list provided.
Events Conferences, workshops and web seminars around the word.
Publications A list of publications including books, technical papers, editorials, providing information on CA background, theory, pitfalls, etc. Register for free and gain instant access to this feature.
Technical Live Chat Chat live with your peers and others in the industry on technical issues relating CA. Register for free and gain instant access to this feature.

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