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APC Training

Below is a list of companies providing training for advanced process control in the refining and petrochemical industry worldwide. Some of the companies have created software specifically to be used for APC training. This list does not include the training provided by software companies which is required for their licensed software or application integrators for the bespoke applications. Information on this kind of training can be found on the APC Vendors and Application Vendors web sites. The links to training on the web which are of value to develop the control engineers' understanding of the basic concepts are listed under Training Aids.

If you are a training company and would like to be included in this list, contact us. Also, if you have an APC training course or a software used for APC training, which you would like to advertise in this section, please contact us regarding the terms.

You can use the following link, Convert Time Zones, to work out the times for APC Webtraining.

Scheduled Training

Advertise Here!   Contact us at APC-network.com to advertise your scheduled APC training in this space.  
Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) APC Webtraining    Webtraining 24 - 27 Oct 2017 10:00 USA East Coast. The course relies heavily on process engineering and people without chemical engineering background who take the course should at least have crude unit (CDU) operating or control experience.   (more...)

Training Aids

McMaster Advanced Control Consortium   McMaster are continuing to expand this site. We at McMaster would like to hear from you about what you find helpful, what could use some improvement, and what might be added.   (more...)
Control Systems Principles   Control-Systems-Principles is a Cheshire (UK) based organisation that can offer support services for control systems projects including advice, project planning, prototyping and design. We also offer technical updating courses in control, system modeling and identification.   (more...)
ECOSSE Control Course    The present ECOSSE has evolved from a major process systems engineering research activity in the Chemical Engineering Department at Edinburgh University in the 1990s, funded by the UK EPSRC and a number of companies.   (more...)
Optimisation Lecture notes   These lecture notes have been prepared and used on a number of courses given to people who were either using optimization models or who were learning how to build such models. The emphasis is on understanding, building and using optimization rather than on the theory behind it.   (more...)
Control Station   Control Station is both a controller design and tuning tool and a process control training simulator used by industry and academic institutions worldwide for: - control loop analysis and tuning - dynamic process modeling and simulation - performance and capability studies - hands-on process control training.   (more...)
O n e S m a r t C l i c k . C o m -   Basic and Advanced Process Control   (more...)
Stanford University Lecture Notes   Control Engineering Methods in Industry Winter 2003   (more...)
Neural Network FAQ   Its purpose is to provide basic information for individuals who are new to the field of neural networks or who are just beginning to read this group. It will help to avoid lengthy discussion of questions that often arise for beginners.   (more...)
Process control case histories   Michael Brown's process control case histories.   (more...)
Linear Programming Frequently Asked Questions    What is Linear Programming?"   (more...)
Nonlinear Programming Frequently Asked Questions    What is Nonlinear Programming?   (more...)
Instrumentation & Control - Process Control Fundamentals   Control in process industries refers temperature, pressure and flow control in process industries, explains precise control is ensured.   (more...)
Introduction and Overview to NMPC   Brief history of MPC. Benefits of NMPC, Industrial applications of NMPC   (more...)
Introduction to Aspen Plus®   Based on Aspen Plus® 10.1 December 1999   (more...)
Interactive On-Line Optimisation   Tutorial For Simple Refinery   (more...)
Refinery Planning   A presentation on Refinery Modeling and Planning.   (more...)
Temperature Control   Temperature control action is classified into three types:   (more...)
CACHE Virtual Process Control Book    The CACHE Virtual Process Control Book is intended to provide information on a variety of topics of interest to an undergraduate and/or graduate course on process dynamics and control  
Wolfram Demonstrations Project   Conceived by Mathematica creator and scientist Stephen Wolfram as a way to bring computational exploration to the widest possible audience, the Wolfram Demonstrations Project is an open-code resource that uses dynamic computation to illuminate concepts in science, technology, mathematics, art, finance, and a remarkable range of other fields.  
PID Laboratory   The purpose of this web site is to introduce simple Internet tools (Java applets) for PID controller design and tuning.  
Advanced Process Pressure, Flow, and Level   Automated process control offers so many advantages over manual control that the majority of today’s industrial processes use it at least to some extent.   (more...)
Evaluating Control System Performance   workshop is designed to illustrate some of the features that are typically available in commercial products for performance monitoring   (more...)
IFP Training - Advanced Process Control   To optimize process control to improve production quality and asset efficiency (energy consumption, product losses, etc.).   (more...)

Training Companies

ESD Simulation Training   ESD Simulation Training is a leading international training company providing technical training to the process industries. With offices in Aberdeen (UK), Perth (Australia) and Calgary (Canada), ESD is well placed to deliver training on a global basis, regularly running courses in a wide variety of locations.   (more...)
EnVision Systems Inc.    Envisim develops state of the art, user friendly and affordable Interactive Software Training Products for Process Operations and Process Control for Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical and Power Industries using: MultiMedia based computer based tutorials ( CBT ) Real time dynamic simulation.   (more...)
Institute of Chemical Engineers    Welcome to the Courses pages of the IChemE web site. On the following pages you can access information on IChemE's forthcoming programme.Themes covered by our courses include: automation, control and instrumentation.   (more...)
The instrumentation and control institute IRA (institut de régulation et automation)   was set up in 1967 by the CCIPA (chambre de commerce du pays d’Arles) to provide the industry personal with training and technology transfer.   (more...)
Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum JCCP    offers a variety of training courses on various matters of downstream sectors of the petroleum industry every year. JCCP courses implementation methods are classified into three styles as follows.   (more...)
TTS Performance Systems Inc.   TTS, formerly Technology Training Systems, Inc., is an international human performance improvement company dedicated to helping the process industry achieve manufacturing excellence.   (more...)
American Institute of Chemical Engineers    The American Institute of Chemical Engineers, AIChE, was founded in 1908. AIChE is a professional association of more than 50,000 members that provides leadership in advancing the chemical engineering profession. Its members are creative problem-solvers who use their scientific and technical knowledge to develop processes and design and operate plants to make useful products at a reasonable cost.   (more...)
Refining Process Services, Inc.    Refining Process Services, Inc. is a corporation that provides a complete array of technical support and training services to the petroleum refining industry on a worldwide basis. Refining Process Services was founded in 1985 to meet the need for an independent source of refining technical consulting and training services.   (more...)
Petrocontrol   Building APC knowledge on a foundation of process engineering and economics, Petrocontrol offers high level APC training.   (more...)
EuroMaTech   Euromatech.com organises around 500 Training Seminars per year in subject areas such as: Chemical engineering, control and instrumentation.Our Seminars take place in locations such as oil, gas, process and chemical engineering.   (more...)
Greenbridge Management Inc.   Greenbridge Management Inc. is an independent Canadian consulting firm providing training and consulting services relating to continuous improvement. This includes statistical methods for industry, environmental, health and safety, and quality management systems, risk assessment,   (more...)
The Vukani Petroleum and Energy Institute    The Vukani Petroleum and Energy Institute was launched in September 2000, based on the Corporate University concept, to provide a comprehensive range of training and development services to support the Petroleum and Energy industries in South Africa and Africa as a whole   (more...)
Peice - The Petroleum Institute for Continuing Education   The Petroleum Institute for Continuing Education is a privately held training organization established in 1998. To date, we have trained thousands of petroleum industry workers and managers. We believe that personal development is a by-product of several types of regular and purpose driven activities.   (more...)
Whitehouse Consulting   Whitehouse's courses are offered as open-access or in-company. They stress the practical application of basic and advanced control techniques, using the minimum of theory. Extensive hands-on exercises are included. The tutor, Myke King, has provided such training for over 1,200 engineers.   (more...)
Michael Brown Control Engineering   Michael Brown graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand as an electrical engineer. He is a specialist in control loop optimisation, with over 30 years experience in process control instrumentation.  
PACT   Newcastle University. A suite of sixteen modules covering the whole spectrum of process instrumentation, control and automation is provided as an Integrated Graduate Development Scheme (IGDS). The IGDS is offered through the Partnership in Automation and Control Training (PACT) comprising the university and twelve companies in the chemicals/process sector. Modules occur monthly and may either be taken on an ad-hoc basis for CPD purposes or else be counted towards an MSc in Process Automation   (more...)
OPC Training Institute    OPC Training Institute is the largest OPC training company in the world. OPCTI offers hands-on classes both in-person and online. OPCTI focuses strictly on providing vendor-neutral training and does not sell its own products.   (more...)

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